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Major gas leakage along Agip pipeline; right in the middle of the Taylor Creek

Highlight: Only source of drinking water contaminated.

Location: Kalaba community, Okordia Clan, Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa State.

GPS Coordinates: Elev: 2m, N 05°08.671.’, E006°26.656’ [taken at the bubbling point on the Creek]


invest in McDonald's shares In the early hours of Saturday, 20th February, 2016; the Environmental Rights Action/ Friends of the Earth Nigeria [ERA/FoEN] received a call from the leadership of Kalaba community. It was to inform ERA/FoEN that the community had just noticed some kind of bubbling in the middle of the Taylor Creek and, since it was within the area oil/gas pipelines belonging to the Nigeria Agip Oil Company crossed the Taylor Creek; it was suspected to be a gas leak from one of the company’s pipelines.

When ERA’s field monitors asked to know if any trace of crude oil was observed; the reply was ‘NO; there is not crude oil’. ERA then promised to visit that evening or Sunday morning; especially if the leakage was continuing. At about 7:30pm another call came from the community [from another leader], informing ERA of the same matter. And, ERA also assured the caller of an early morning visit. This happened to be the first incident of interest reaching ERA from the community in 2016. It would be recalled that a similar, but lesser [in terms of the bubbling] incident occurred in 2015 and, ERA visited and wrote a field report.

Reaching the community very early today, Sunday [21st February, 2016], ERA was fortunate to meet the Paramount ruler of the community, Chief Roman Orukali and the youth president, Samuel Oburo ; and they led ERA’s field monitor to the environment of interest; which prompted the visit.

invest in McDonald's shares Right from the main road in the community, the bubbling scene was sighted until ERA was led down the sloppy path to the bank of the Taylor Creek; directly opposite the bubbling spot and, on the Pipeline Right Of Way. Besides observing the immediate environment and how the people were still attracted to the water for their various uses; ERA’s field monitor posed few questions to the youth President and Paramount Ruler of the community before taking a canoe ride to the exact spot of the bubbling to obtain the GPS Coordinate. Soon after the above; ERA left, but not without being accosted by two security officials; of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps [a male and a female].


Press Release

Convene High-Level Committee on National Basic Income Scheme, ERA/FoEN Advices FG

The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has decried the controversy surrounding the promised monthly stipend to unemployed Nigerians, asking the President Muhammadu Buhari administration convene a high-level committee on National Basic Income Scheme.

One of the cardinal campaign promises of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the last general elections was a monthly stipend to unemployed Nigerians when the party is elected to power at the center. President Buhari, had, while in Saudi Arabia in an interactive session with Nigerians last week reportedly said that the payment of the monthly handout of N5,000 as promised by the APC which is the platform on which he emerged as president, was not his priority.

how to invest in McDonald's shares in Philippines In a statement issued in Enugu, ERA/FoEN said the president’s remarks and double speak of the present administration on the issue was unfortunate and smacks of taking Nigerians, particularly the unemployed serious.

ERA/FoEN Executive Director, Godwin Ojo said: “We are perplexed that this issue has lingered with back and forth from the APC and the Presidency. Nigerians refuse to accept the current administration’s attempt to renege on this promise which is one of the several on which it rode to power. This is not acceptable”



  • Connecting Local Outrage To Global Resistance of Corporate Control of Water.

    Friday, 14th August 2015



    The Environmental Rights Action/ Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/ FoEN) organised a Water Summit with the theme: Connecting Local Outrage to Global Resistance of Corporate Control of Water on 11-12 August 2015. The summit was organised in partnership with Corporate Accountability International, the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service, Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), Public Services International (PSI), Transnational Institute, Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt & Development, and Freedom from Debt Coalition.

    Participants were drawn from local, national and international partners in Ghana, Belgium, the Philippines and the United States, representing a growing global movement committed to resisting corporate control of water and securing water as a human right. Solidarity messages were received from notable civil society actors and policy stakeholders in Nigeria. They include Ms. Joe Odumakin, Chairperson of Women Arise for Change Initiative; Hon. Wale Okediran and Hon. Uche Onyeagucha former parliamentarians; Mr. Auwal Rafsanjani, Executive Director, Civil Society Legislative Centre (CISLAC); Greg Akili, Project Coordinator, Corporate Accountability International (CAI); Priscilla Achakpa, Executive Director of Women Environmental Programme; Sani Baba of Public Service International (PSI), and Shayda Naficy of Corporate Accountability International.

  • Nigeria palm oil land grab exposes need for human rights treaty

    Thursday, 9th July 2015

    Nigeria palm oil land grab exposes need for human rights treaty

    A new report on palm oil land grabs in Nigeria by Asia's leading agribusiness group exposes the need for a binding treaty to regulate corporate human rights abuses globally, says Friends of the Earth International. Global palm oil trader Wilmar International Ltd. (WLIL.SI) has come under scrutiny for a large-scale land acquisition in Cross River State, Nigeria where it destroyed areas of High Conservation Value, including community food-producing areas and water sources essential to local communities, according to a report released today.

    The new report, Exploitation and empty promises: Wilmar's Nigerian landgrab, uses first-person testimonies, satellite maps, and Wilmar's own filings with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil to demonstrate that the company failed to gain the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of communities directly affected by its operations; failed to produce adequate Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; and failed to live up to promises of infrastructure development and benefit sharing, despite these promises being a primary incentive for local communities to allow the company to operate in Cross River State.

    "It is a disgrace that Wilmar is painting a picture to its financiers and buyers that they have improved their operations, when the reality on the ground shows that they are still bulldozing away people's lives," said Godwin Ojo, Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria. "Wilmar should address these evictions and human rights violations or pack and go."

  • Oronto Douglas demise a loss to the nation – ERA/FoEN

    Thursday, 9th April 2015

    Oronto Douglas demise a loss to the nation – ERA/FoEN

    The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has expressed shock at the death of Barrister Oronto Douglas, Senior Special Assistant on Strategy and Documentation to President Goodluck Jonathan, describing his demise as a loss to the nation and the human rights community.
    As special assistant to the president on documentation and strategy, Douglas used the platform to continue advocating for the rights of Niger Delta communities suffering from environmental degradation and marginalisation. Despite his ill health condition in the last four years he worked tirelessly for the cause of the down-trodden.
    Douglas along with Nnimmo Bassey, former executive director of ERA/FoEN and former chair of Friends of the Earth International and Godwin Ojo, current executive director of ERA/FoEN  co-founded ERA/FoEN in 1993. He has used this platform to increase environmental awareness and citizens’ response to environmental issues in Nigeria.

  • The fall in oil price could be a turning point for Nigeria's economy

    Thursday, 12th March 2015

    The drumbeat of war is sounding on the streets as Nigeria prepares for the 2015 elections. The election, due in February, has been postponed by six weeks to 28 March, ostensibly to allow the electoral commission more time to prepare and to beef up security in the north-eastern part of the country where Boko Haram is strong.

    But a far more insidious deciding factor in the polls could be Nigeria’s unhealthy dependence on oil, which represents over 80% of its national income. Plummeting oil prices since December have presented new challenges for Nigeria’s economy.

    The much needed oil allocations from central government to the federal states have been delayed, making it difficult for some to meet recurrent and capital projects expenditure. The free-falling oil price is forcing the government to draw down its foreign reserves to augment the budget.
    If oil prices continue to fall, tumbling morale and expectations could pose major obstacles to a free and fair elections. Already, opposition parties are crying foul over the draw-down of more than 80% of the national foreign reserves that were set up in 2012. And a sovereign wealth fund for Nigeria, based on the Norwegian fund (currently worth nearly $900bn), looks likely to remain a pipedream. Pressure on the economy has forced the government to abandon the idea, which aimed to provide for the rainy day that has already caught up with the country. Now, with oil prices hovering around $50 per barrel, many have declared the 2015 budget unrealistic.

  • Farmers in Nigeria's Taraba State refuse to give up lands for massive rice plantation project backed by the G8

    Wednesday, 28th January 2015

    Farmers in Nigeria's north eastern state of Taraba are being forced off lands they have farmed for generations to make way for US company Dominion Farms to establish a 30,000 ha rice plantation.

    The Dominion Farms project forms part of the G8's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa and the Nigerian government's Agricultural Transformation Agenda, which are both intended to enhance food security and livelihoods for small farmers in Nigeria. A new report, however, finds that the Dominion Farms project is having the opposite effect. The report was produced by two Nigerian NGOs, Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN) and Center for Environmental Education and Development (CEED), with the support of Global Justice Now and GRAIN. It is based on field investigations and interviews conducted with local farmers, community leaders and government officials.

    The report shows how the lands provided to Dominion Farms are part of a public irrigation scheme that thousands of families depend on for their food needs and livelihoods. The local people were not consulted about the Dominion Farms project and, although the company has already started to occupy the lands, they are still completely in the dark about any plans for compensation or resettlement. Dominion Farms is involved in a similar land grab for a rice farm in Kenya that has generated conflicts with local communities.


Oil Politics

Oil Politics is a weekly newspaper column ( in which Nnimmo Bassey rigorously examines issues relating to the extractive industries as well as other pressing socio-economic issues through the filter of justice.

What is on that Plate?

The theme of the World Environment Day 2013 is “Think. Eat. Save”. Each word is loaded and stands alone, separated by unambiguous periods. That should get us thinking indeed. Many people in the world do not really think before eating. They are more preoccupied by the nagging question of where the next meal would come from. There are also a number of persons whose questions pertain to what to eat out of the myriad of choices on their sumptuous dining tables. And, of course, there are people to whom saving food is not a problem while to yet others there is simply no choice in doing that. There are others who wish to save but cannot do so either due to a lack of means to do so, or for the reason of current insufficiencies.

There is a lot of food for thought in just considering the theme.


Photo Speak

ERA has recently received information that a group calling itself the "Niger Delta Coalition in the Diaspora" is still engaging itself in activities and communications giving the impression that it is linked with Environmental Rights Action (ERA).

This group issues out communications using ERA's headquarter address and mail box. We have never had any ties with this group and any views, comments or opinions expressed by them is not endorsed or authorized by any member of management or staff of ERA.

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Green Hotlines
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